Antoine Léger

Antoine Léger

High-Quality Drone Photography and Videography – Helicopter Pilot

Global Experience
20 years
Light UAV, Drones Piloting
Bush pilot
V.I.P. twin IFR*
Pad rides, city tours

*V.I.P. TWIN IFR = Flying Very Important Passengers on a Twin engine Helicopter with Instrument Flying Capabilities (night and cloudy situations).

**Electronic News Gathering for the TVA TV Channel

  • Experienced helicopter and drone pilot specializing in aerial photography and videography for transportation, journalism, entertainment, hydro-electricity, geology.
  • Safety oriented, goal oriented, creative and independent. Not afraid to ask questions and sharing opinion.
  • Loves piloting and driving, learning new ways of doing things. Fascinated by technology and discovering what it can do.
  • As an experienced pilot, fully aware and knowledgeable of all flight rules and regulations and protocoles as prescribed by Transport Canada.

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