Émilie René-Véronneau

Émilie René-Véronneau

Émilie René-Véronneau

Graphic Design Consultant and Designer, candidate for the Masters in Educational Technology @ Concordia U.

Global Experience
15 years
Graphic and web design
15 years

  • Varied experience, from big corporations to startups in all sorts of fields (energy, government, publishing, startups and small businesses, museums, IT, music, etc.).
  • Sharp eye, quick thinker, team player, growth-mindset and constantly striving for excellence.
  • Loves to pick apart what makes things work or not and fix them, help people help themselves, monitor trends and technology.
  • Always ready to innovate, asking the tough questions, and pushing the boundaries.
  • Relentless explorer of the world, and all things old and new. Closet musician. Usually has a big smile on her face, a twinkle in her eye and a head full of ideas.

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