Moshe Hirschhorn

Doreen Watson-Donald

Moshe Hirschhorn

Instructional Designer (and comedian) Consultant

Global Experience
16 years
11 years
Organizational Change
9 years
Customer Service

  • Experience mostly in Transportation, IT software integrations, non-profit, and also in Energy, Entertainment and Retail.
  • Quick-learner (@light-speed), thinks outside-the-box, thorough, sharp.
  • Loves to learn new software systems, industries, organizations, content, & people; map expert knowledge into digestible, clear learning nuggets; create interactive, game-based solutions; write engaging materials.
  • Likes to manage a small team.
  • Looks for truth, passion, joy and the ultimate good in himself and others. Enjoys gut-wrenching laughter while working under pressure. When not working, he writes play scripts, studies esoteric texts, drafts self-help articles, takes the best care of his family, and teaches spirituality.

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