Pascal Nataf

Pascal Nataf

Pascal Nataf

Game Designer @Affordancestudio

Global Experience
12 years
Serious Games
Social Economy
Teaching Game Design

  • Experience in institutional settings with government, hospitals, universities, school boards, NGO and corporate settings with banks, multimedia, telecom and retail.
  • Lateral Thinker, often able to find easy solution by paradigm shifting. In one word, he is a natural Hacker. Works with an inclusive and collaborative design approach to solve problem with the collective intelligence.
  • Loves innovation, to find the right mixing for methods that are new, creative and proven.
  • Loves games and anything that is playful by nature.
  • Curious by nature, thrives on learning new things. Has a routine that if he didn’t learn something new during the day, he reads a few chapters of the dictionary before going to bed.

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