Phil FitzGerald

Phil FitzGerald

The Interest & Influence coach

Global Experience
21 years
Global Education
Directing Learning
Creative Design (Adobe)
Professional Skills Training
Management Coaching

  • Experience in Fashion, Telecoms & Broadcast – all databases & design. Europe & Americas.
  • Driven to design better ways. Idea Blender (yours + his = something neither of you would have arrived at). Quick Talker. Educator with an Edge.
  • Loves to reframe complexity (especially technical or conceptual) into solid skill acquisition. Loves to build learning programs of value (which makes it billable). Loves to show others how to sell what makes them special.
  • New to Canada and in perpetual road-trip mode with the family. At the Bibliothèque way too often – or not enough (he can’t decide).

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