Shelly Elsliger

Shelly Elsliger

Shelly Elsliger

Social Media Content Expert @Linked-Express

Global Experience
23 years
10 years
Linkedin / Social Media Training
Career Coaching
13 years
23 years

  • Experience in executive LinkedIn coaching, social media training, career development, higher learning, education, entrepreneurship, corporate training, sustainable business, empowering women.
  • Engaging and effective communicator; keynote speaker and networker without boundaries.
  • Published author and blogger.
  • Delivers corporate nutrition and wellness training, gifted at motivating and inspiring others, certified coach and nutrition and wellness specialist, founder of Beyond Calories – a workshop series empowering women to delete the pause button and start living fully and mindfully
  • Loves running (completed a half marathon) and currently a Zumba instructor in training.

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