Sonia Ribaux

Sonia Ribaux

Learning Consultant

Global Experience
29 years
Instructional Design
University Teaching

  • Experience in various corporate sectors (pharms, banking, transportation) as well as for non-profit organizations, government, professional orders, health care.
  • Fast learner! Analytical and can always see several solutions to a problem. People say of Sonia that she’s calm and a good person to have around when things heat up.
  • Loves being an instructional designer and loves to teach about it.
  • Likes to revise training materials, coach clients to develop their skills in ID or training, develop instructional games, write professional articles, edit and proofread, interview, lead focus groups.
  • Amateur photographer, maintains a blog on creativity and photography, belongs to a philosophy group, likes to do improv theatre, share her love of reading with two book clubs.

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