Benoit David

Benoit David

Benoit David

Founder, Designer, Facilitator & Jack-of-all-trades @KATALYST5

Global Experience
28 years
22 years
13 years
product design

  • Experience in Business, Education, Transportation, Energy, Government, Telecom, Retail, Food Services, etc.
  • Designer at heart, entrepreneur, Jack-of-all-trades, creative, pragmatic, sharp, stubborn (only at times), vibrant, engaging, was probably a squirrel in a past life…
  • Good mix right-left brain (mostly left), loves to get things done, problem-solve, connect the dots, design, prototype, build, help others.
  • Highly visual, loves colors, loves movement…loves technology, innovation, tools, gadgets.
  • Loves cooking, get-togethers, discussions, visual arts, working with his hands, building stuff, making people laugh.
  • Loves people.

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